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 Animal LM and LM-H rims

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Animal LM and LM-H rims Empty
PostSubject: Animal LM and LM-H rims   Animal LM and LM-H rims Icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2008 4:53 am

well theyre new to me

LM rims:
Designed around the needs of what is primarily a brakeless team, the LM takes a good look at how rims can be different if a braking surface is lower on the priority list (but still retain brake function). Using short sidewalls that then become angled to add lateral strength, the LM is able to keep weight down (16.1oz) without sacrificing strength. The design also features 36 angled nipple holes that are setup for the spokes to cross over to the opposite hub flange.

Animal LM and LM-H rims 2n8wwzl

LM-H rims;
The same rim as the LM but with holes drilled in the angled sidewalls to reduce weight further and for aesthetics. The LM-R weighs just 15.6oz.

Animal LM and LM-H rims Rrqi5y
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Animal LM and LM-H rims
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